Recente uploads

The Lighthouse (videoclip)

I Will Overcome (Soundhealing Rosmalen)

Orbit (Soundhealing in Handel)

Life Will Find A Way (The Wanderer & Ilse Oversier)

Reign of Love (Soundhealing in Rosmalen)

We’re All Going Home (Huiskamerconcert)


Iedereen Verlicht (NPO doc)

Church of The Heart (podcast)

Music Videos

Life Will Find A Way (videoclip)

Finally Home (videoclip)

Down the Road (videoclip)

Inside My Head (videoclip)

Live Sessions

Life Will Find A Way (Vrijheidsconcert)

We’re All Going Home (Huiskamerconcert)

Yellow Fields (Project New Earth)

When We Meet Again (Sofar Utrecht)

We’re All Going Home (live – take 11B)

I Will Overcome (live)

Aren’t You Meant To Fly (De Vorstin)

Walls (Huiskamerconcert)

We’re All Going Home (Huiskamerconcert)

We’re All Going Home (Project New Earth)

Yellow Fields (Sofar Rotterdam)

Butterfly (Music Around the Fireplace)

Finally Home (Sofa Sessions)

Yellow Fields (Vorstin)

Love Your Mirror (Vorstin)

Butterfly (Sofar Amsterdam)

Inside My Head (Sofar Rotterdam)

Father (Sofar Amsterdam)

Radio Shows

We’re All Going Home (NPO Radio 5)

Aren’t You Meant To Fly (NPO Radio 2)

Yellow Fields (NPO Radio 2)

Running (3FM)

Inside My Head (NPO Radio 2)

Down the Road (3FM)


Wicked Game (Chris Isaac cover)

Follow the Sun (Xavier Rudd cover)